Agnes is the director at My Place Real Estate and has a vast amount of experience in the real estate industry.

Multiple Award Winning Agent 2012,  2013, 2014, 2015 Agnes was awarded various high achievement awards by the WA institute and Tourism WA

Agnes is a proud member of  REIWA

In short, Agnes is a real estate agent, sales, rentals and development specialist, keen investor, mad gardener and a fast car enthusiast


Sandra DD

10th April, 2018

I thank Agnes for taking a chance on a two-dog owner those many years ago at a time when it wasn’t easy to find a rental property with one dog, much less two. I was pretty desperate and getting down to the wire finding a place when I lobbed up on her doorstep cold-calling and begging for a chance to prove ourselves. 6 years on we are ready to move into our own, but the experience was great and the help appreciated. Sandra DD

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